New York Engagement Portraits | Katie & Mike

My dear, dear, friends from college are getting married in August. When I was just a sophomore, I met Katie while working at a photography and graphics lab on campus at Boston College. Katie and I would laugh, eat, and explore Boston in the early days of our friendship, but the thing I will remember most about those days is her total commitment to Mike. They were, and will remain, the best of friends. They support each other’s goals, make each other laugh, and act as one. In an effort to pick up a hobby and create something together, Katie and Mike combined their interests and launched a sustainable travel blog called Bergen & Smith. Individually, and as a couple, they are simply wonderful people and I am proud and honored to have been able to capture a part of their love story.

Part I of this session took place on the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise on a crisp morning. Enjoy and look out for Part II!


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