Everyday Sacredness

While I’d love to welcome you to the “new” Vera In August, there’s really nothing new about it. The last post I wrote a whopping 13 months ago, welcomed you, my friends, followers, and clients, to a new brand, in which I unveiled grand new plans for the growth of this little business. I added graphic design and branding services, I expanded my work to include clients in Phoenix, our new home, and I displayed a shiny new website. My plans were large and hopeful and expansive…

So why did I delete that post and basically redesign my business not even a year later? Why do I now find myself writing ANOTHER welcome/unveiling/new brand post? One word: motherhood.

Matt and I welcomed our first baby, James Emerson, to the world on October 24th, 2016, right after a move from California to Arizona. I had big plans for running this business as I cared for him full-time, not being realistic about what it takes to do both. When James made his entrance into the world I found myself shocked by how little time I had to work. All of you seasoned mothers out there may be chuckling at my optimism, but I actually thought I could run a business during nap time! My graphic design efforts quickly fell by the wayside as I tried to keep up with my wedding and portrait clients in California, and breaking into the Phoenix market kept getting put off to the future. Oh, and I was trying to figure out this whole parenting thing too.

The last 12 months of being a mother have taught me that sometimes the most growth can come from going back to basics. When James is too fussy and my to do list is too long I’ve learned the best thing I can do is to put my tasks aside, sit down next to him and, looking into his eyes, give him the gift of my presence. When I feel small compared to other “momtreprenuers”, I’ve learned to stop scrolling on Instagram and give thanks for what my vocation asks of me in that very moment. Most often, when I come back to reality, to what’s in front of me, I find myself in awe of this sacred time of life. And this is where the “original” Vera In August was born.

When I started this business almost five years ago (FIVE!!!), I sought to humbly capture the light in people’s faces, in their love for one another, and in their interactions with their families. That is now what I’m returning to. I’m going back to basics and I cannot tell you how freeing that is. I started this business as a fine art portrait photographer and it has come full circle. I just photographed my last wedding and I am no longer taking graphic design clients (although I do hope there will be lots of graphic design in my future, hence, why Vera In August will retain “Photography & Design” in it’s name.) I will serve the people of Arizona with fine art, hybrid (film + digital) portrait photography. This will include soulful and artful engagement, couple, anniversary, maternity, newborn, family, and senior portraits. After much thought and prayer, I have also decided that it is best for my work-life balance and my business, to close the California operations of my business. When I travel to see my family, I want to actually be with my family, and the past year and a half has brought many beautiful shoots for my wonderful clients, but at the expense of quality time with my loved ones. This is a major stripping away, but these combined changes have brought me a lot of peace and excitement.

I come from a big, faith-filled and supportive family and it’s their love that has laid the foundation for everything that is important to me today. My aunts inspired me to be an artist, my mom inspired me to be an entrepreneur, my parents and grandparents inspired me to treasure marriage, and my cousins have inspired me to be a friend. These people are why I think family is SO crucial to the happiness of our nations and to the peace of our world. Saint Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa) said, “If you want to bring happiness to the whole world, go home and love your family.”

I want to witness that love in your marriage, in your family, photograph it, and then give it back to you so that it can hang on your walls as a reminder that no matter what is going on in life, there is sacredness right under your nose, everyday. Your marriage and your family is as good, as happy, and as world-changing as the amount of love you pour into it. I’m just going to show you that with light and in a frame.

I’m so incredibly grateful that you stayed this long to read what’s been on my heart for 12 months. I hope it has inspired you and filled you with hope to go back to basics too.

Welcome to Vera In August: photographing the everyday sacredness of love, motherhood, and family.


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