While I’d love to welcome you to the “new” Vera In August, there’s really nothing new about it. The last post I wrote a whopping 13 months ago, welcomed you, my friends, followers, and clients, to a new brand, in which I unveiled grand new plans for the growth of this little business. I added […]

In the evening, Mike, Katie and I drove out to Coney Island to capture their love at sunset. I had heard about Coney Island, but had never been there, and from what I knew about it, it was bright, colorful, and fun…no one told me the amusement park sat at the edge of a gorgeous […]

My dear, dear, friends from college are getting married in August. When I was just a sophomore, I met Katie while working at a photography and graphics lab on campus at Boston College. Katie and I would laugh, eat, and explore Boston in the early days of our friendship, but the thing I will remember […]

Over the past year or so, my sister, Laura, has graced our family with a barrage of delicious treats. She got a KitchenAid Electric Mixer for Christmas, an investment which is paying off quite scrumptiously. Of the many dinners and desserts Laura makes, one of her staples is Grandma McWeeney’s Jam Cookies. These cookies have […]

I have known these sweet girls for over 10 years. I have watched them grow as their babysitter and family friend, and now Julia is headed off to high school. I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with them and we got to fit in a portrait session! The girls both ride […]